Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

Welcome to our 6 Clay Courts!


COURT HOURS  (Prime time: 8:30am-12n, 5pm-10pm - summer season)

Court Use

  1. Courts 1 and 2 are reserved for evening play beginning at 3pm in spring and fall and 6pm during the summer. The lights can be turned on one hour before sunset and will automatically go off at 9:30 pm.
  2. Courts 3, 4, 5, and 6 are available from 8:00am – sunset during the summer and from 8:30 am- sunset in spring and fall.
  3. Court no. 6 is designated as a Junior Court (14 and under) two or more Juniors may reserve this court.
  4. Singles: 1.5 hours 
    Doubles: 2 hours

* If no players are waiting to go on your court you may continue to play.


PLEASE RESERVE YOUR COURT on line or by calling the clubhouse at 629-7580. 

  1. Because of the constant maintenance involved in keeping our clay courts in good condition we would appreciate it if you would reserve your court. You may reserve a court up to 72 hours in advance and reservations are on the hour or half hour. There are 3 ways to reserve a court:
    • Call the pro shop and leave a message on the answering machine. Please indicate the day, time, and singles or doubles with the appropriate names.
    • Reserve on line on the web site under Tennis Reservations
    • Sign up on the court sheet on the pro shop patio. Someone will contact you only if you cannot get the requested reservation.

    *Please as a courtesy to other players who may want a court , call and cancel your reservation if you cannot make it

  2. When arriving please check in at the pro shop for your court assignment. If the pro shop is closed then refer to the court sheet on the patio.
    • If you are a "walk-on" please sign in on the outside court sheet.
    • Please sign your guest in at the pro shop prior to play.
    • If pro shop is closed please use the "honor system."


  1. Please register your guest in the pro shop before play.
  2. The same guest may play a total of 3 times during the year.
    • Out of Town Guest: Adults $7 - Jrs. $6
    • Gate City Players(out of town):$6
    • In Town Guest: Adults $10 - Jrs. $7
    • Asheboro CC: Adults $7 - Jrs $ 6


  1. Proper tennis attire is required (no cut offs, bathing suits, jeans or street clothes. Gentleman may wear T shirts and or tennis shirts.
  2. Flat soled shoes only may be worn on the courts. .
  3. After a heavy rain courts will be soft. Please check the court before playing.
  4. Profanity is prohibited
  5. No Smoking


When playing after 5 pm during spring and fall and after 6pm during summer please park in the 1st parking lot.