2018 Pool Rules

For the health and safety of all members, the Club has outlined rules for proper pool use. These rules must be followed to allow maximum enjoyment for all members and guests. As a member, you are responsible for knowing and following these rules and informing guests of our policies.

Pool Rules 

  • There is no tobacco, e-cigarette, pipe or vapor use allowed on the premises.
  • Members must sign in and pay for any guests prior to swimming. 
  • Membership cards are not allowed to be loaned or given to anyone for use. Management reserves the right to terminate membership for misuse of membership. 
  • Guests must be signed in by accompanying member.
  • Same guests may come (4) times per pool season.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a person over 14 years of age.
  • Children using flotation devices must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 14 years of age. 
  • Children under the age of 6 must be closely supervised by an accompanying adult. 
  • Children wearing diapers must have vinyl pants over the diaper and under the bathing suit. The Club reserves the right to ask for a child to be removed from the water if they do not have on vinyl pants. 
  • Proper bathing suits are required for swimming. Please dress modestly as we run a family-friendly business. Management may ask members and guests to cover up.
  • Please shower before entering pool. 
  • No diving in any areas less than 5 feet. 
  • No glass containers of any kind permitted on pool deck.
  • No outside alcohol may be brought onto club premises. 
  • Music may be played at the discretion of management. 
  • No food or drink allowed in the pool. 
  • Persons with skin disorders may be denied use of the pool.
  • No pets allowed within pool deck area. Exceptions will be made for guide animals. 
  • Adult swim is for persons 18 years or older.
  • Infants under one (1) year must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with direct contact at all times during adult swim. Children over 1 year old must sit out during adult swim. Children’s arms, legs, and all body parts must be out the water during adult swim. 
  • No rafts permitted without approval from Management.
  • No running or horse playing around the pool.
  • No water balloons permitted within pool deck area. 
  • No large coolers on the pool deck.
  • No hard toys (tennis balls, baseballs, footballs etc) permitted within pool deck area. 
  • No playing or cutting through the lap lanes, these lanes are reserved for lap swim only. 
  • Kickboards are for use as swimming aids and/or swimming instruction; no standing, sitting, or horse playing allowed. 
  • The pool furniture is not to be removed from its location on the pool deck. 
  • Refrain from talking to lifeguards while they are on the stands. 
  • Lifeguard’s instructions must be obeyed at all times by members and guests for maximum safety. 
  • Persons entering pool after closing time will be trespassing and subject to arrest. 
  • Management has the right and responsibility to close the pool when deemed necessary for safety measures.
  • Pool Hours are subject to change or closure by Club Management’s discretion. If no one has been at the pool for two (2) hours before the scheduled closing time, Club Management reserves the right to close the pool.

Slide Rules 

• Swimmers must stay clear of the catch pool and slide exit area.
• Riders must exit the catch pool immediately after use.
• Parents may assist their child out of the water in the catch pool if necessary, but they cannot stand in front of the slide to catch their child. Parents may wait at the ladder if needed.
• Only one person at a time allowed down the slide.
• Please walk up the steps and make sure the catch pool is empty before beginning slide run.
• Riders must go down on their back with feet first.
• No flotation devices of any kind permitted on the slide, including those in bathing suits.
• No diving from the slide into the catch pool upon exiting the flume.
• Do not reach into the slide from the deck area.
• No wading in the catch pool.
• Do not stop or block the flow of water from the slide.
• No balls or toys on the water slide.
• No goggles, masks, glasses or hats permitted on the slide. 

Deep End Diving Rules

• Only one diver on the board at a time.
• Only one bounce on the board and divers must jump straight out from board.
• No running or horse playing on diving boards.
• Divers are not permitted to go off diving boards simultaneously, they must alternate.
• No inward rotation dives off boards.
• No goggles, masks, glasses or hats allowed when going off boards.
• No flotation devices permitted in the deep end, including kickboards.
• Lifeguards and management reserve the right to end any games in the deep end if deemed unsafe 

Fecal Contamination Policy 

In the case of fecal/vomitus matter in the swimming pool, the pool will close following policies outlined by the State of North Carolina Health Department for solid fecal, vomit, and/or loose fecal matter. 

Weather Policy For the safety of members, the Club follows American Red Cross guidelines for thunder and lightning. From the time staff hears thunder or sees lightning, the pool will be cleared for 30 minutes. In the case of lightning, the pool deck must be cleared due to the danger of a strike. 

In the case of consistent inclement weather, the Club Manager will make the decision to close the pool on 2 hour increments to accommodate the ever changing weather patterns. If the weather improves, then the pool will reopen. Pool closing and/or opening times will be placed on the answering machine.